Blixxton 200 for 13.5L Engine

Blixxton 200 for 13.5L Engine

Price: $1375.00

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Part Number: BLIXXTON200
Web Part Number: Blixxton 200
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This module was designed specifically for the 13.5L Deere engine. Almost all our customers main complaint was that they can not keep up with the bigger engine in their rival "RED" tractors. The issue was lack of power and increased fuel consumption compared to 15L 500hp Cummins engines. We've been tuning these tractor ECM's for a while now and even though power and performance was very impressive, it was difficult for some customers to take the tractor out of the commission for few days while we would complete our work. We realized that the mail order power was necessary, so we designed the Blixxton 200 to eliminate any downtime and still produce the desired power. We know what it takes to produce great performance for these machines which you will not find in those "other small cheater boxes" from our competitors. The Blixxton 200 was designed to have full control of the injectors. We can control the injector pulse width and injector timing. This approach to the tuning problem will allow us to control the amount of the fuel coming into the engine and precise timing of the injection. So what does all this mean to you?  Well first of all, by installing the Blixxton 200 unit on your machine you will be able to add between 60 and 150 additional horsepower while at the same time making your engine more efficient you will be saving noticeable amount of fuel (overall about 20% per acre). The Blixxton 200 will also allow the end user to pick from four preset performance programs and allows you to fine tune each of the programs. This device is simple to install and adjust, all you have to do is plug it into the injector harness on the back of the engine cylinder head, connect power and ground. That is it, you are ready to enjoy increased performance of your machine.